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French Polishing

Polish Repairs

French polishing is an important component of Clive's business. Some processes of furniture finishing used in the workshop can also be applied in your home. Slight damage, like scratches and water marks, on shellac finished wood can be repaired in the home. Call to discuss your furniture repair, you will have the benefit of our experience and advice.

french polishing table in workshop

Shellac French Polish

In the days before spray finishing and synthetics, the technique known as "French polishing" was said to produce the finest finish on wood. The alternatives were various forms of sanded or brushed finishes. The finish itself is shellac dissolved in denatured alcohol. Shellac french polish is more delicate and easily damaged than modern lacquers - shellac on the other hand is one the most easily repaired finishes

Regency Dining Table with 3 drop in leves.